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a large blue and white ball with writing on it sitting on a table in an office
Beach Ball Review Game.
Hands On Bible Teacher: Bible beach ball review game. For kids who can not read yet, could glue picture of Bible story or character and ask child to tell about it.
two handprints with words written on them in white and gold ink, against a dark background
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Micah 6:8
an owl paper bag sitting on top of a table
Lisa Storms
WHO are you gonna tell about Jesus?
a beach ball with writing on it sitting on a wooden floor
Beach Ball Icebreakers
Look to Him and be Radiant: Beach Ball Icebreakers
three rolls of pink paper that say pray for people and one roll has words on it
Try This! Lent
Thoughts from the Sheepfold: Lent Prayer Chain
a group of orange sodas sitting on top of a table with price tags attached to them
Holy Ghost Lesson
How is the Holy Ghost like a soda can?!" When none of them answered, we discussed how it is easy to crush an empty can. But, a can that is filled is extremely difficult. When we fill our lives with the Holy Ghost, we can not be crushed by adversity!
an orange and white paper plate with the words i am grateful for
Thanksgiving Kid's Table Ideas (Recipes, Crafts, Games, and Decor) - Deonna Wade
#thankful #pumpkin pie #crafts
a child's handwritten note to someone who is about to give birth gifts
good samaritan- the kids love this one!
a heart with the words happy makes the face cheerful for us on red paper and black background
A Happy Heart
Happy Heart Lesson for Preschoolers
an art project for kids to make with paper plates and other things that are on the table
a paper cut out of a person sitting in a chair with the words speak loud for you
God Called Samuel Exploring Bible History
God called Samuel : for template