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two pictures of an open refrigerator with the door open and food in it's drawer
Kenchikukagu Mobile Furniture
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Most people have heard of minimalistic design, but the Kenchikukagu apartment set takes it to an entirely new level. For about $7500 a piece you can purchase 3 cabinets that each fold out into a bedroom set, office space, and kitchen area. U can choose to unfold each cabinet as you need it and fold them all up when u want to maximize the amount of space in your home. The cabinets have wheels so you could essentially put your kitchen away in the coat closet if you want to clear space for guests!
a kitchen table with pots and pans hanging from it
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Skitsch /// KITCHEN
an orange propane burner is attached to the side of a table with a sink
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Held together with a mere eight screws, Elia Mangia’s modular, all-in-one kitchen can even be taken apart for easy transport.
three different types of medical carts with drawers on each side and an open drawer at the top
Mobile and Foldable Kitchen
This slender kitchen by Flix creates variety within tight spaces. The table is equipped with fold-out, multi-functional wings at three of the four sides. In this way, according to your wishes, Flix Live turns into a powerful kitchen, a show kitchen, a BBQ station or into an elegant buffet. The kitchen features built-in scales …