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Michael Anthonypillai

Michael Anthonypillai
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Potloden kunstwerk

An integral part of any new visual identity and corporate image, Your logo should sum you up, invite and let people instantly know what you do.For BCN Lip we made not only the design of the logo itself, but a stunning display of it that ties the logo tog…

Random Inspiration 233 - UltraLinx

You know I´m born to lose, and gambling´s for fools, But that´s the way I like it baby, I don´t wanna live for ever, And don´t forget the joker! Ace of spades.

Johnny Edlind - full body suit

Tattoos are hot, modern-day day body art and style accessories. Although yes, people may regret their tattoos. It is dependent on you that where you want to find this tattoo carved on your physique.