All you need are cats and books

Katten en boeken
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No, you can't read. I need attention, says boss kitten.

tilly-and-her-books: lostmynoseinabook: My new bookmark :) I would like 12 of these bookmarks thank youTap the link to check out great cat products we have for your little feline friend!

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DIY Kitty Book end. Rescue kitty Let it sleep on your stuff Now you have a cute kitty book end.

"Reading Cat," by Amanda K, via Flickr -- This adorable kitty is searching studiously, upside down, no less!

"Reading Cat," by Amanda K -- This adorable kitty is searching studiously, upside down, no less!

@Kate Mazur F. Allred every now and then we'll have to bring Katniss or Bee in for the atmosphere

If they dont have a cat, then it isnt an official bookstore! - Oxford books in Atl had a couple of cats

Your two favorite things!  @Aubree Shay Chord Nuttall  and @Chelsea Rose Malcolm

Cats are always artful, cats on books are cute, black and white is striking - mix it all up in a modern-art photography kinda way, and Id say its worthy of being art. But Id rather consider it artful and keep it as an idea to draw or paint.

I LOVE books

Cats have too many books to read, too! A purrfect day in a furry library. After a tiger nap.I read more.

Cat reader

The Dalai Lama's Cat' - a novel by David Michie. A fascinating read. In Michael Carroll's words: 'What a joy to spend some intimate time with the Dalai Lama, glimpsed through the devoted eyes of his adventurous cat'.