Writing Great Villains

There is enough wickedness in the world already. The only villain I feel comfortable bringing to life on my pages is the disillusioned hero who will become good again at the end.but will readers go for it?~~~That sounds lit af

Body Language Secrets

Body Language Secrets

Funny pictures about Body Language Secrets. Oh, and cool pics about Body Language Secrets. Also, Body Language Secrets photos.

Villainy 101: Villains Are People Too: How to Avoid Writing a Protagonist-Centric Villain

Villainy Academy of Ultimate Villainy, Gillian Bronte Adams, Of Battles Dragons and Swords of Adamant, Gillian Adams { oh my gosh }

123 Ideas for Character Flaws. Way awesome.

ELA creative writing Character Flaws - Writers Write When you're creating characters for novels, short stories, comics, and games, you have to make sure they have flaws. Nobody is interested in perfect people. They tend to be boring.

Anoint Your Character with Inner Conflict, A Master Technique