Mara Telkamp
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Love small tattoos with a lot of meanings. I want to get strength or hope behind my right ear! My first tattoo maybe.

Dresses with strategic draping are so flattering!

Dresses with strategic draping are so flattering!

Any business dresses have to be this long with sleeves.

stitch fix : this would be a great teacher/work dress for me

Love love love this dress. Pair it with a blazer, cardigan, scarf, anything! #Work

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PRECISION these ink drawings are perfect little scenes to highlight nature in a modern, simplistic way but bring an organic feel to the website.

Minimalist tattoo

best wrist cute and tiny tattoos for girls - Wrist words tattoo designs are always a great choice – The way she incorporates with a moon symbol the wrists makes the tattoo look so much cleaner on wrist. below are 30+ #wrist #tattoo #designs

. . 파란 꽃. #tattoo #타투 #플레이그라운드타투