Just a few more days and i'm in Paramaribo, Suriname...super excited to see my…

Just a few more days and i'm in Paramaribo, Suriname.super excited to see my family. I love SU voor budget vakantie bezoek budgetholiday.


I'd like to viist every country in South America if we move to Ecuador. Even you, lovely little Suriname.

Weapon of Suriname

🇸🇷 Weapon of Suriname 🇸🇷

Fort _ Zeelandia, Paramaribo

Fort Zeelandia is a fortress in Paramaribo, that was built by British colonists in 1651 around a small trading post created by the Dutch.

Binnenlanden van Suriname

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Central Suriname Nature Reserve

They travel down a river in Suriname to get to the plantation where Oroonoko is sold.

House in surinam

House in surinam