10 garden design tips to make the most of small spaces. How to make your small garden look and feel bigger. And how to make the best use of your garden space. Great tips

Top 10 tips for small garden design to transform your space

Try these 10 garden design tips for small gardens to help make your space look bigger! Small gardens will be transformed with these clever design illusions

Portfolio - Categorie: Meubels van andere houtsoorten - Foto: Veranda totaal (steigerhout en andere houtsoorten)

Veranda totaal (steigerhout en andere houtsoorten) This style would match the house and do well for back and front- especially railing

dit komt dicht bij wat ik in gedachten had

I know the perfect place for this! 30 Impressive Patio Design Ideas I like this water fountain!

DIY Corrugated Metal Outdoor Bar

27 Amazing Outdoor Kitchen Ideas Your Guests Will Go Crazy For

outdoor bar ideas offer a great solution to one of the issues with the summer heat which is keeping drinks cold.