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two cars parked in front of a modern house
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a house with a thatched roof next to a swimming pool
Poolhouse in eik
Poolhouse in eik | Bogarden
a house with a thatched roof next to a swimming pool
Houten bijgebouwen
Tweemaal grote stalen kozijnen die open kunnen als schuipui
an outdoor living area with a thatched roof and glass walls, surrounded by greenery
Aanbouw thuiskantoor met smeedijzeren ramen te Waasmunster
Aanbouw VDB | Bogarden
a house with a swimming pool in the middle of some grass and trees around it
Aquatechno Zwembaden
Swimmingpool Waregem Belgium oak wood poolhouse old tile panne| Aquatechno swimmingpools
a pool in the middle of a lush green yard next to a small hut with a thatched roof
Binnenkijken: Inspiratie woningen en bedrijven
Zwembad met houten poolhouse
a backyard with a pool, patio furniture and an thatched roof gazebo in the background
Zwemvijver met poolhouse
Zwemvijver met vlonder in hardhoutplanken - Stijlvol poolhouse met overdekt gedeelte - Tuinaanleg De Pauw
a wooden gazebo surrounded by greenery and trees
Eiken Poolhouse - Interieur -
Binnenkijken interieur: Eiken Poolhouse 1
a pool house with a thatched roof next to a swimming pool and garden area
Cottage poolhouse met riet
Cottage poolhouse met riet | Bogarden
an outdoor living area with a stove and potted plants on the ground in front of it
Laat je inspireren | Hartman
Overkapping in de tuin
a living room filled with furniture and lighting
en tuin inspiratie.
Buitenpracht Houtbouw - Exclusief guesthouse met rieten kap en stalen deuren - Hoog ■ Exclusieve woon- en tuin inspiratie.
an aerial view of a house with solar panels on the roof and in the back ground
the pool house is lit up at night with its lights on and it's swimming pool
EXTERIEUR I Bijgebouw van BoGarden
Bogarden Poolhouse12
a wooden deck in front of a thatched roof building with glass doors and windows
Cottage bijgebouw Eik & Riet > Eik & Hout | Bogarden
an outdoor living area with couches and pergolated furniture in the middle of it
waterdicht schaduwdoek van topkwaliteit | Bladgoud tuinen
Schaduwdoek Moose