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This image represents how the people of ancient Kmt saw themselves and their Gods. The imagery is a departure from what we see represented as being ancient Kmt in the media, and sadly at all levels of education.

Ancient Egypt — Abydos (by SonomaPicMan)

Ancient Egypt — Abydos (by SonomaPicMan)

Ernst Korner, 'The Temple of Karnak. The Great Hypostyle Hall' (1890)

Shadow of the Sphinx: Ernst Karl Eugen Koerner (German, The Temple of Karnak, The Great Hypostyle Hall, oil on canvas. Collection of the Dahesh Museum of Art.

Ruins of the biblical city of Babylon, Babylon, Iraq, April 25, 1932. In the center, bearing animal figures, are the Tower Gates of Ishtar.

An excavation of the city of Babylon in 1932 (Credit: Rex Features)

Ramses Tapïnağï...içi.

Twin Temples - built by Ramsses II in 1264 BC in the southern province of Nubia, Egypt. Over the centuries they were completely covered by sand. They were rediscovered in 1813 by a boy named Abu Simbel, who led a British archeologist to them.

The Nike of Samothrace - Greek Goddess of Victory

Greek Goddess Winged Victory Nike Goddess Greek Art by GreekMythos