London's Best Chippy, Style Included

London's Best Chippy, Style Included : Remodelista cool wall finish and text


Unique hanging rustic vintage lamp made with a vintage glass dome display and metal part of an old portable gas heater "Alita". Glass dome soflty twist in

light around

lights project inspiration

Méchant Design: lights project inspiration

lights project inspiration

wire work city skyline, diy, baling wire, make for kitchen What a fun idea to try with loose lamp cord


linen lux by night / rue du mail, paris deco off Photo: LINEN & HEMP COMMUNITY. Rue de Mail in Paris decorated with lamp shadesy. Initiated by Club Masters of Linen in partnership with 29 ‘Editeurs’ and Paris Deco Off.

Vintage Lamp

Vintage Lamp - Mint Green Gooseneck w/ Neon Yellow Net Cloth Color Cord on Etsy, Sold

CRazY BLoG - CRazY WiCkeD WorLD -: STRanGe LamPs

ENG/ The Light Drop design was created to make people think about how we are dealing with our natural resources, in this particular.