Mediterranean Atlantic European and American Anemones, 1923

1923 Mediterranean Atlantic European and American Anemones Double Sided Print

Moonlight, 1889, Henri-Joseph Harpignies. French (1819 - 1916)

Henri Joseph Harpignies, "Clair de lune", 1889 What a fabulous job this artist has done of setting the distant shore back by a palpable distance across the lake.

Anthony Mattox - Mandala Project.

Mandalas originated in nature. Nature is a mandala from every seed, egg and pebble to the ripples on a pond and cycle of seasons, from every atom to the stars, planets and solar system.

Stilleven met asperges, Adriaen Coorte, 1697

Still Life with Asparagus, Adriaen Coorte, 1697 - Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Ernst Haeckel - Jellyfish 1899 - 1904

Discomedusae from Kunstformen der Natur (Art Forms in Nature) a book of lithographic and halftone prints by German biologist Ernst Haeckel.