WE don't see them as individuals...and there will be none left soon...

Funny pictures about Tiger color palette. Oh, and cool pics about Tiger color palette. Also, Tiger color palette.

Saturniidae Caterpillar

Strange caterpillars and their final forms

chafed-elbows: “ vonmurr: “ Caterpillar of Saturniidae Moth by Marco Fisher ” my true form ” Beautiful.


UNDER THE ,SEA, CREATURE Jellyfish are found in every ocean, from the surface to the deep sea. A few jellyfish inhabit freshwater.

Art deco real moth

Footman Moth (Barsine orientalis, Lithosiini, Arctiinae) by John Horstman - Beautiful natural colours and pattern, nature is so inspiring.

Stag Beetle

During the breeding season, the male stag beetles use their magnificent mandibles as a warning signal to other males, raising them in a defensive and aggressive posture to ward off a contender.