Valentines Day

Valentine's Day: Draw a heart (or trace), have students use rulers to draw lines across. color heart in checkerboard then outside in two more colors.

Hangende plank voor in het raam, met robuust touw en 'oud hout'

7 Dorm Decor DIY Ideas

DIY - hanging shelf with ropes. So pretty! Would be nice over the kitchen sink/window.


We've broken boho style down into 10 key design elements, with DIY projects for each one. Now you can DIY your dream boho bedroom!

This would be neat for other shapes as well - stars, half moons, even waves.

20 of the Most Adorable DIY Kitchen Projects You’ve Ever Seen - Page 2 of 2...

30 Creative Diy String Art Ideas use rainbow colored strings against black. have the students write five things they want to draw before class. (use as basis of the shape for string art)

Raamdecoratie voor smalle vensterbank #diy #houtbetonkoper

Raamdecoratie voor smalle vensterbank #diy #houtbetonkoper

funita o tym, co w kolorze piszczy: String za parę złotych? (DIY)

Kitchen or anywhere DIY. Seems simple enough, depending on your gap between shelves, anywhere from ropes to ropes for your spacing. You could even use wider wood, just adjust your rope length to accommodate your width and height of your shelves.