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Hair Types: Finding Your Texture

What’s your type? Silky-straight? Extra-curly? Bouncy and thick? Every head of hair is different, and while some hair is coarser, finer, straighter, or drier than others, that’s okay! The key to managing YOUR particular head of hair, whatever it may be like—and keeping it healthy—is knowing what type of hair you have in the first place, no matter what your ethnicity is. That’s where this handy guide to understanding hair types comes in. Based on the work and findings of Emmy-winning Oprah…

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6 SUPER EFFECTIVE DIY HAIR MASKS TO SOLVE YOUR HAIR PROBLEMSCoconut and olive dose for damaged hair: essential oil and egg are two super ingredients for hair and together they do wonders to your hair. Ingredients: egg and essential oil Method: Beat an egg along with few drops of essential oil and apply it from the root to the tip of your hair and cover it with a shower cap and leave it for at least an hour. Then rinse it off with a mild shampoo and follow it with a conditioner.Banana Hair…

I Tried the Max Hydration Method for 7 Days and Here’s What Happened

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A review of Napttural85's DIY Hair and Body Oil Mixture which includes Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E oil. Benefits

7 Tips for a Perfect Natural Hairstyle

For all of the natural hair how-to infographics I've created, I realized I never did one for doing a hairstyle. For me, taking care of m...


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All About Protein Treatments, Part 2: Hydrolyzed Protein & the ApHogee Treatment

By Jc of The Natural Haven Click here for part 1 of this series. Avril asks: 'What do protein treatments really do for your hair, in particular eggs? What is it in ApHogee 2 step protein treatment …


In the event that your mid year cultivating plans incorporate growing a couple of vegetables in compartments, peppers ought to be on your planting list. At the point when the right assortments are...

Popular Oils, Butters, Natural Ingredients and How to use them on Natural hair

1. When you want to take advantage of the humidity: Glycerin, honey, aloe vera juice Why: Humectants (moisture retention). How to use: Add to a moisturizer or a leave-in. 2. When you want an oil-based...