Netherlands, Amsterdam, Cheese Shop (Delicious cheeses in this shop close to the flower market) - this is the shop where we bought cheese to bring home with us.

Dutch cheese

The Dutch, famous for their Gouda. The dutch cheeses are exported worldwide, which served the Dutch people the nickname, cheesehead. Not unfair, since almost every dutch person grew up with a slice of cheese on a slice of bread.

Kaasschaaf.....cheese planes

Kaasschaaf (cheese planes) for cutting thin slices of cheese.every Dutch household has some version of these.


The Alkmaar cheese carriers’ guild is responsible for moving and weighing cheese during the cheese market on Fridays. The guild consists of four groups (vemen) of seven men each.

A very common store is the cheese store. Netherlands has a bunch of little markets specializing in one particular food.


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Dutch Cheese including Edam, Gouda and smoked goats cheese - Amsterdam

Leidse Kaas

Leidse Kaas or Leyden Cheese or komijne kaas is cheese flavored with cumin and caraway seeds. It is a distinctive Dutch cheese.