Typical Dutch stroopwafels, particularly yummy if you set it on a cup of coffee & warm the caramel in the middle!

Stroopwafels are very common snacks in the Netherlands. This is made from two thin layers of baked dough with a caramel syrup filling in the middle. They are recommended to be placed above a hot drink for a minute to make them even more delicious.


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Applegarden | Oud hollandse poffertjes recept

Oud hollandse poffertjes recept - Old Dutch "poffertjes" all time favorite!


Appelbeignets traditionaly newyears eve food to make appleslices in cinamonflavored yeastdough deepfried eaten while warm with icing sugar dusted on top

Boterham met muisjes

Known as Hagelslag in the Netherlands, wij hadden dat op de havermoutse pap op…


I have a cast iron poffertjes pan. Even my second generation Aussie kids make them.

appel gebak

Oudhollandse appeltaart- This is THE appeltaart recipe I've been looking for! With amandelspijs under the apples