Chinese style mary jane flats.  I wore these all the time.

* this are my so hard to find* :( Chinese style mary jane flats.Everyone had a pair. I even wear them now. Super cute and comfy.

Newborn hospital ID bracelet.

Newborn hospital ID bracelets. These is the kind of bracelet I was wearing when my parents brought me home from the hospital. My brother and I still have ours. These days I think the babies just wear plastic bands.

dickies !!!

Previous pinner said, "Dickies.we wore them under button down shirts, under crew neck many colors!

Bell bottoms, these were popular in the 70s and they're selling them again

Exclusively for You. AG "Angel" denim jeans, aged to mimic look and feel of denim. Patchwork detailing for vintage look. Five-pocket style;

Remember saving negatives?

Taking pictures with a film camera you always got a set of negatives with your pictures in case you wanted to make another print. You would have to keep them forever - just in case

Snoepketting at ik gelijk helemaal op anders plakte alles

I liked those candies necklaces. In no time, I had a rubber band around my neck!

Gekleurde wattenbolletjes

Pink, blue, yellow and white cotton wool balls back in the day

Bell Bottoms

Bell Bottoms

women fashion style is mainly characterized with sleek and sharp outfits, which include bell-bottom pants and fitted outfits in earthy tone

gebruikte mijn lieve vader....  als ik goed mijn best doe ruik ik het nog....  Je kunt het nog steeds kopen in 2013!

als ik goed mijn best doe ruik ik het nog. if I do my best I can smell it yet .

Remember when

The bigger the flare the cooler you were. Really bad if they got wet though!