marianne verbeek

marianne verbeek

My dreamhouse; interior, design and 101 other ideas. 101 Woonideeën voor inrichting en decoratie van je huis.
marianne verbeek
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The best way to preserve herbs is in oil or butter. I do this for basil and will never go back to drying it!

Herbs All Year - The best way to preserve herbs is to freeze them in oil or butter. Packed in flat, thin layers in heavy-duty zip-top bags, frozen herb butters and oils are easy to store. Use herbs preserved in oil the same way as fresh herbs.

Organizing is great. I mean, without it you have those episodes of never being able to find what you need or not knowing where to put things when you buy them.

Basement bathroom door for cleaning supplies. Kitchen to basement door for pantry items. Back of girls' door for barbies. Inside girls' closet for shoes. Inside my closet door for belts and scarves. Entry door for shoes, mittens, etc.

Great tip ... Freeze your Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil so you can cook with them all winter Long!

Preserve hard herbs by freezing in oil! "Given this use, the oil-and-freezer method of preservation works best with the tougher hard herbs such as ROSEMARY, SAGE, THYME, and OREGANO. These are all herbs that would probably be cooked when added to a dish.

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This is an example of Hierarchy because the eye first notices the main picture of the person because of its darker colors and then the darker swirls and then all of the lighter colors in the background.