clematis + old ladder

An old ladder makes a nice trellis for clematis. I have an old ladder for this!


Lavender flowers in a garden border with green background and old brick path for contrast.

38 Garden Design Ideas -- link has lots of fun pics, but love this tiny garden. The old wooden door, ivy covered wall and bricks make it magical.

Example of a small side garden. What I really love about this image is the window well. It's hard to get a window well to not look trashy, and this one looks absolutely magical.

Checkerboard herb garden contained with pavers

A nice transition from the pool deck to the plants in this space. A beautiful herb garden idea: incorporate herbs between the stepping stones to soften the hardscape features and provide lush, edible foliage.

Dit huis wordt voor zoveel stylingsessies gebruikt. Heeft zelfs model gestaan voor mijn veranda.

Look at how skewed that table leg is! Amazing how bad construction isn't a deterrent to designers

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