Amazing fabricated Tiki God backyard fire place.

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Clean lines, beautiful

fireplace surrounded by sculpted cob - a mixture of clay, sand & straw - that absorbs the heat from the fire and stays warm long after the fire is done burning. Much more efficient than a regular fireplace (which can have a net cooling effect).

Cheminée avec insert & astuce rangement bois

25 Cool Firewood Storage Designs For Modern Homes

Modern fireplace with firewood log storage discreet alcove; storage below minimal steel hearth.great contrast between the logs and clean cut lines of the stove

The Tabletop Fireplace happens to be a liquid fuel fireplace which will be able to rest on any stable surface, where it delivers the color, crackle, and comfort of a wood-burning fire, sans the smoke, smells, or sparks, of course. It will make use of recy

The Tabletop Fireplace - Using recycled liquid ethanol fuel that gives off only water vapor and carbon dioxide, the clean-burning, portable fireplace yields a bright yellow, orange, and red flame that flickers without fumes.


Love the wood burning stove. Much more efficient than fire places the suck out the hot air through the chimney.