Maria van Tilburg

Maria van Tilburg

Peopleperson, devoted soft skill trainer, reiki healer, coach, Mother of two beautiful daughters, passion for food
Maria van Tilburg
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Dreams often reveal feelings that we've hidden or repressed, because dreams are a reflection of our unconscious mind, our emotional truth.

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What kind did you ask for? Christmas massage #AcupunctureConnections

Santa: How about a nice.a, football? Do you think I stood in line for two hours just to ask for a lousy football! A Football!

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Don't be Grumpy Schedule yourself a Massage and Feel Good

strokeofluck: Save the F-word, its served us well.The F-word is .

chocolade kruidnootjes van havermout

chocolade kruidnootjes van havermout

Fun Psychology facts here! by AislingH

Fun Psychology facts here! You mean to tell me you think this fact is FUN? Nothing about depression is fun. Not a single angle of it. Even if that was on psychological things, and not depression. It shouldn't be marked as a FUN fact.