Time out bottles! Water, glue and glitter..mix and add until it takes 5 minutes to settle. Watching it settle relaxes them, and you don't have to set a timer! Brilliant!!

Relax Bottle/Time Out Timer

Relax Bottle/Time Out Timer: Glitter bottles for kids to hold during time out. Once all the glitter settles the child can get out of time out. It takes about 5 minutes for all the glitter to fall to the bottom. Helps kids calm down during time out.

toilet paper tube cars

Your little race car driver will love making these toilet paper tube cars.and racing them! So fun for a DIY kids craft project!

card holder for little hands

Playing Card Holders For Little Hands

3 Easy DIY playing card holders for little hands to use and make family game night full of fun not frustration.

Hungry Catepillar Decorations.... would be cute outside a classroom door

The very hungry caterpillar visits our room! I would love this for a young childs birthday party! Very Hungry Caterpillar Party!

Make your own photo snowglobes!

Christmas craft - DIY photo snow globes - these are so cool! This site has links to heaps of other Christmas fun craft! You can use crushed egg shells for the snow!


Uil notitie boekje met pen, owl notebook with pen, inspiration for fathersday.

theezakjes met foto.... leuk voor moederdag!!!

∣ Tea bags with pictures from the children . fun for Mother! great idea for a babyshower with baby photo's from the mother and father

How cool is this???

This could be a fun border around an outdoor play area, but it wouldnt help with containing the mulch

Geef me de vijf. Aangepast uit het Engels.

Positive Behavior and Procedures in the Classroom

Van elk kind een mooie foto in een lijstje. Er is meteen te zien wie er in deze groep zit.

Van elk kind een mooie foto in een lijstje. Er is meteen te zien wie er in deze groep zit.