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a model of a house on display in a room
CASA DE MUÑECAS. ESTILO TUDOR. Proceso de realización
a blue and white doll house sitting on top of a table
Fairy dollhouse
a green door sits in front of a white house with potted plants on the steps
Vakre glassverandaer - Bygg og Bevar
En søt, liten glassveranda med nydelige detaljer. Lærdalsøyri, Lærdal, Sogn og Fjordane
a white birdhouse with a cross on the roof
Les lambrequins des Dalles.
there is a large wooden structure with many holes in the top and bottom, along with other items
Architectural Salvage, Reclamation Yard & Antiques
a wall hanging made out of many different types of houses and windows with lights on them
three blue and white ceramic tags with gold handles on wooden boards next to knitting needles