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an embroidered fabric with flowers and rabbits on it
Magic Transistor
a crocheted black bird with a red hat on it's head
Updates from RatBerryToys on Etsy
a doll riding on the back of a red bike with a white dog in it
a pair of baby shoes sitting on top of a gray floor next to a red shoelace
a hand is holding a doll's clothes next to a stuffed teddy bear toy
a doll is sitting on top of an open book and wearing a green dress with ruffles
This week's sewing
This week's sewing | all ready for the weekend | Hilary | Flickr
a doll is laying on top of a book with paper dolls in the back ground
two baby clothes laying on top of a wooden floor next to an old teddy bear
the crocheted scarf is laying on top of the wooden floor next to two pieces of yarn
Crochet Bead Stitch Cardigan: Learn To Crochet