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a fire in a brick oven with flames coming out of the front and back sides
sinterklaas surprise
Haardje surprise
a red apple wrapped in plastic with the word churros on it's side
Sinterklaas surprise maken? Ontdek meer dan 200 DIY ideeën | pipoos
sinterklaas surprise lolly
a black round object with a rope on the end sitting on a white table next to a wall
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Surprise bom
an orange ribbon with a horse pin sitting on top of it next to a cup filled with candy
Suprise rozet paardrijden inhoud
a penguin with a blue hat and scarf on it's head sitting on a table
Sinterklaas surprise van 2 lege flessen. Knip de bodem van de ene fles, knip de 2e fles wat hoger af. Doe je cadeau in de flessen, met schildertape vastmaken en dan schilderen.
a blue nokia cell phone sitting on top of a white table next to a pen
Sinterklaas surprise | nokia
a golden soccer ball on top of a wooden stand with a gift wrapped around it
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a black rock with the word tnt written on it and a red star sticking out of it
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RESERVED FOR AHendershot - The Big Bomb Pinata. $42.00, via Etsy.
a purple stuffed animal sitting on top of a wooden table next to a vase filled with flowers
Sinterklaas Surprises en ideeën - Do it yourself (DIY) - Blogs
#sinterklaas #surprise: Furby
a cake made to look like a creeper with a soccer ball on top of it
minecraft surprise sinterklaas - Google zoeken
a large spider sitting on top of a rock
Spin (Sinterklaas surprise) 2013
a cardboard board with different colored circles and the word punchbox on it in front of a zebra print background
My 1st hack on being crafty with Pinterest ideas. It's a "Punch Box", much like a piñata with prizes & candy surprises inside. I stepped it up a little bit with zebra print wrapping paper. I didn't have a scoring tool to make the circles, but I traced circles with a coaster and used an exacto-knife to cut them out. My daughter & I enjoyed doing this together. Happy pinning, Sabrina. Original link for the tutorial by Elena Sullivan:
a white paper spider sitting on top of a wooden table
Surprise maken? Leuke surprise ideeën voor Sinterklaas en Kerst -