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a car is driving down the road in front of a bridge with clouds and a full moon
A New Chorus, Me, Digital, 2021
a painting of flowers and leaves on a wall
Old Paint
a dog laying in the window of an old brick building with ivy growing around it
My inner landscape
a drawing of a rabbit surrounded by purple flowers
Schinako Moriyama🐇イラストとマンガ on Twitter
a painting of a black cat with blue eyes
Daily Paintworks - Original Fine Art © Katya Minkina
a stone building with flowers growing on it's roof and door, surrounded by greenery
Romantic Gardens
a black and white dog walking across a field next to dry grass with trees in the background
The Girls | -german-shepherds
a wolf is peeking out from behind a tree
a gray wolf is hiding in the bushes
Nature and more
an old fashioned bedroom with green wallpaper and antique furniture, including a large bed