Behang collectie Script van Eijffinger #interieur

Eijffinger script

Behang collectie Script van Eijffinger (i think this would be totaly awesome for the toilet stall in the rv!

Botanisch behang | piet klerkx

we love an ode to peacocks… here at Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech, Morocco… ____ fabric wallpaper Maison Paris Cole & Son De Gournay Coral and Fish

Fotobehang bomen via Nordic Moods geinspireerd door de Scandinavische natuur via Photowall #behang #scandinavisch

Photowall proudly presents Nordic Moods wallpaper – a collection designed by Norwegian Scandinavian Surface.

Wallpaper Masterpiece

Dreamweaver Studios is a national distributor of quality textiles and exclusive distributor of Eijffinger wallpaper in South Africa.

Eijffinger Masterpiece Wallpower 358125 Seascape

Mural, Masterpiece Wallpaper Mural, Blue Beach Wallpaper Mural, from the Masterpiece wallpaper collection

Perfect for those with refined tastes and a sense of sophistication, we’ve pulled together a collection of wallpapers that keep it classy. From decorated artworks to modern minimalism, these prints will help reflect your suave and swanky style. 1/2. GO VAN GOGH Whether you’re an art connoisseur or you just want to feel like one,... Read more »

6 Classy Wallpapers For Preppy Sophisticates

Do you admire Van Gogh's paintings? This art wallpaper mural is both sophisticated and charming. Vincent Van Gogh found such beauty and joy from the blossoming almond trees. You can now take the time to admire them with this stunning art mural.

Rabbit Printed Magnetic Wallpaper

Rabbit Print Magnetic Wallpaper