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You get what you give. Oh yes, some women just don't get it. It's not all about you, and your shoes, and the stupid wedding you want him to pay for.

everything you do will go back to you .. dear .

Never forget......

Narcissistic Family Dynamics – Playing The Hand We’re Dealt | After Narcissistic Abuse

Just walk away from part time people

What's done is done.I've moved on.I know our friendship ended 3 mths ago.I'll still give you credit for things I've "learnt" from you.You did inspire me in many ways.My life will go on believe it or not.I'm sorry for being such a bad person.I never claimed to be perfect but you need to learn to talk to people about what upsets you.Things could workout different in your relationships(this isn't about our relationship).How else can people learn to be better.This will be the last post about…

Yuuuuup. Know who my REAL friends are now!!

A Collection of 27 #Karma #Quotes That Can Guide You

Because once I hit that point, I'm over it

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