Up! | 31 Incredible Bulletin Boards For Back To School

Up Balloon Bulletin Board. You could write down all students' names on the balloons and make a balloon bouquet for the classroom door to welcome your kids.

Sla-op-het -woord Zeg een woord en degene die het eerst het woordje leest geeft er een klap op, mag het woorje "houden" Kan ook met vliegenmeppers gespeeld worden.

Whack-a-word! Call out a word and who ever hits it first with the hammer gets to keep it. Could think of lots of applications for this - recognizing HIT WITH A HAMMER sight words, finding rhyming words, learning vocabulary.even Basic facts for math

Simple city skylines using paint chips. Fantastic idea!

DIY City Skyline with Paint Swatches. With all my left over paint swatches from my headboard! ---instead of city skyline, do waves