TESTED:   Kids enjoyed continuing their investigation of whether black was a color and why it isn't on the color wheel. They decided to mix all the colors together to determine if they could make black paint. Success!  Discovered that they needed to add more of the darker colors. After their circles dried, they painted their papers with neon watercolors.     Paint with a cup

DIY Kids Craft - Paint With A Styrofoam Cup. teaches kids what color, two combined colors can make. Good for primary and secondary colors

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The simplest way to obtain a leaf print is by using an actual leaf, heavy grain paper, a paper towel and a small hammer.

Busy Board for Boys.  Not construction themed!

Little Boy Busy Board Great Idea! Good for fine motor skill development.

De vakantie loopt op z’n eind en alle leerkrachten schieten weer in actie. De facebookgroepen voor leerkrachten leven weer helemaal op en iedereen is op zoek naar inspiratie. Bij mij is dat n…

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