Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers With Avocado

Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers with avocado. cdeeloo Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers with avocado. Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers with avocado.

Individual Seven Layer Dips

individual 7 layer dips excellent for Cinco de Mayo. I am loving these one cup wonders. check out the veggies & dip cups. this could end "double-dipping" forever. many ideas flowing from this single cup concept! :) Rohra house of dips

Stamp cookies with a rubber stamp and food coloring. These are awesome

Black & white cookies: Rubber stamped cookies using food colouring & then hand finished with edible ink pens. I like the idea of stamping cookies.

Banana Cream Cheesecake

Banana Cream Cheesecake

one pinner wrote: Banana Cream Cheesecake - Excellent recipe. Goes together easily and taste so good, I made 3 cheesecakes for a party and this was the first one gone

Juicing Rainbow

Juicing Infographic by Pressed Juicery. I would never pay for a juice cleanse but I might have to use some of these combinations.

Dit is gewoon den Hemel! Dekseltje van de kaas snijden, scheutje calvados en laten smelten....  Duuzend zalige calorieën.

Melted camembert – the classic french cheese – sprinkled with herbs and enjoyed with fresh bread.

Tomato tulips!

Tulipanowe pomidorki

tulip tomatoes 13 large cherry or small Roma tomatoes 14 stalks of green onions or chives for the stems farmers cheese or cottage cheese for filling (or you could use goat cheese, egg or chicken salad) 1 cucumber teaspoon dried basil Salt and pepper

Who knew you could make refreshing and healthy sushi rolls using cucumber? // Live Eat Learn

Cucumber Sushi Rolls

Who knew you could make refreshing and healthy sushi rolls using cucumber? // Live Eat Learn (Cheese Making)

This is a cake made by a professional baker, would love to try making one myself though!

Cake and Bake Show: inspirational cake designs

Patchwork Owl cake by Lindy Smith from her book 'Creative colour for Cake Decorating'. - OMG, I love owls, but this is beyond adorable. Just told mom she has to make it for my birthday next year, on styrofoam so I can keep it like art.

Stuffed Cucumbers with smoked salmon and goat cheese

3 tablespoons goat cheese and a spoonful of sour cream. Mix well, add slices of smoked salmon and tablespoons green onions, Used 2 large cucumbers cut into pieces of cm. Scoop with a spoon (about in depth) and cut them so as to become cubic.

Koolhydraatarme Andijviestamppot met spekjes

Koolhydraatarme Andijviestamppot met spekjes

5 Traditional Dutch Foods You Should Try Before Your Die - Amsterdam's city Guide

Cucumber Roll Ups #healthy #appetizer

Cucumber & Hummus Roll Ups - topped with sundried tomato relish. Alternate Suggestion: Zucchini Roll Ups made with ricotta and spinach, baked in the oven and topped with marinara sauce.