Slow Cooker stoofvlees maakt de perfecte comfortabele gerecht op een koude dag.

Slow Cooker Homemade Beef Stew makes the perfect comforting dish on a cold day. Best of all, it’s easy to make and simmers in the crock-pot for the most tender meat with carrots, potatoes, sweet potat (Easy Meal On A Budget Dishes)

Craving wild mushrooms? I give them a boost of wild flavor in a couple of ways. The first is to make an intense, flavorful broth with a handful of dried porcini. The other is to actually buy some wild mushrooms. A scant half-pound of chanterelles, even if pricey, won’t break the bank. The rest of the rustic stew (call it a ragout if you wish) is made of shiitake, cremini and oyster mushrooms.

Fresh and Wild Mushroom Stew

WILD MUSHROOM STEW: Craving wild mushrooms My compromise is to make a stew using mostly cultivated mushrooms But I give them a boost of wild flavor in a couple of ways

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Griekse runder-uienstoofpot met sjalotjes

Griekse runder-uienstoofpot met sjalotjes (Huis, tuin en keukenvertier)

Pörkölt. De ECHTE Hongaarse Goulash (familierecept) recept |

The best, easiest, most authentic Instant Pot Indian Butter chicken you've ever had. Join the hundreds of people that have loved this recipe, and serve your family an authentic Indian Butter chicken tonight!

Rundvleesstoofpot met wintergroenten

Rundvleesstoofpot met wintergroenten

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