A fun way to encourage addition math skills with cups and paper towel or toilet paper rolls.

A fun way to encourage addition math skills with cups and paper towel or toilet paper rolls - students can build their own adding machine

Alternatives to "I Don't Know" in the classroom

Alternatives to "I Don't Know" in the classroom. I definitely need to hang in my room. And IDK is not an alternative :)

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Best Inspirational Quotes About Life QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Life Quote This "screamed" Montessori to me! When a child misbehaved at free-choice time, I instructed my staff to "fix" or restructure the environment. Sharing is Caring.

When you judge someone based on a diagnosis you miss you on their abilities, beauty & uniqueness.

Knikkerbaan van lego Derde kleuterklas: zelf maken en een doosje lego blokjes bij geven die moeten gebruikt worden

Marble Mania

Idea for Mythical Maze challenge. A DIY Lego Marble Run that is fun for the kids to make, educational as well as encouraging as they are able to play with a toy that they made themselves!

Building Empathy

inspirational quote keeping in mind the value of both education and the heart, dalai keepin it real

Vingertwister! Print dit blad uit, schrijf er letters op en de kinderen moeten de goede letter aanwijzen met hun vinger, het word steeds leuker als je meerdere vingers moet gebruiken.

I have been racking my brain trying to come up with a few simple stocking stuffers and today an idea hit me. I saw these cute little fing.

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Onderwijs maak je samen

Onderwijs maak je samen