ROGER RAVEEL - Portfolio - Stephan Vanfleteren

Roger Raveel - Belgian painter, whose work is often associated with pop art because of its depiction of everyday objects.

stephan vanfleteren portrait

“We yearn for silence, yet the less sound there is, the more our thoughts deafen us. How can we still the noise within?

Beautiful old lady. Photographer: Stephan Vanfleteren

---- Ata Kando, Dutch/Hungarian Photographer, 103 years old, expo Fotomuseum Rotterdam ©Stephan Vanfleteren

Johan Anthierens (1937-2000) - Belgian journalist, publicist, critic and writer. Photo © Stephan Vanfleteren

© Stephan Vanfleteren - Johan Anthierens, Belgian journalist, publicist, critic and writer

Portrait - Portfolio - Stephan Vanfleteren

Arnold Charles Ernest (Arno) Hintjens - Belgian artist born in Ostend. He was the frontman of TC Matic, one of the best-known Belgian bands of the Since the band split in 1986 he has had a solo career.