DIY ramas con pompones de colores

5 DIY primaverales que desearás tener en tu casa

DIY home decor using twigs, pom-poms and a glue gun! only use white pom poms

Onvolledige puzzels in huis? Dit kan je ermee maken!

DIY Holiday Creative Projects / Valentine's Day Puzzle Piece Heart / What to do with old puzzles that are missing pieces. (inspiration only)

Balloon Dart Painting with Kids. A fun and creative way to paint outdoors kids would love for sure!


Balloon dart paint- assign point values to each balloon, each team tallies up points for the balloons they pop, compare beautiful pieces of art

Makkelijk zelf te maken met een deksel van een schoendoos en enkele dikke rietjes!

Making a-maze-ing marble mazes for the preschool classroom

leuke figuren maken op onderzetters met draad en punaises

Geoplà / Geoplano

Fine motor activity - rubber bands and thumbtacks on cork! Add letters or numbers to tops of thumbtacks.

Coole waterbaan maken

Coole waterbaan maken

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insecten van lepels

Plastic spoon heads made into bugs (perfect for sticking on kids birthday cards and presents)