Owl Pattern... this will come in handy some day

Owl pieces to make a crinkle taggie toy. (this is a great pattern) perfect for the ti do owl rag quilt leftovers!

3D Paper Caterpillar Craft

3D Paper Caterpillar Craft with Template

Cover a plain bottle with a decorative holiday balloon and bam!!!

awesome quick and effective way to make party or wedding garden summer lighting for tables from balloons and a bottle Cover a plain bottle with a decorative holiday balloon and bam!

felt puppets ideas - Google Search

Farm animals finger felt puppets by on Etsy. Give them arms and make them bigger for hand puppets.

Easy Macrame Dolls (using Paracords)

Easy Macrame Dolls (using Paracords

Idee de martisor Easy Macrame Dolls - use thick string or paracords or macrame string. Turn these into key chains, zipper pulls etc

Snel inpakken, is inpakken met papieren cadeauzakken. Daarom is het handig om een arsenaal aan eenvoudige sluitingen achter de hand te hebben.

Snel inpakken: papieren cadeauzakken

foto op hout overbrengen

Transfer a Photo onto a Slab of Wood: cover wood with gel medium; place paper picture-side down; firmly smooth out all bubbles; let dry overnight; gently rub wetted paper off; clean all paper residue off; cover with mod podge; let dry;