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a close up of a crayon pencil on top of paper
Fouten zijn het bewijs dat je het probeert - Topwijs
Fouten maken, waarom niet? Deze poster kan je ook gratis downloaden.
an illustration with the words alles wat je and aaght geef groet
Look-back-on-Friday #3 ♥ Made by www.miekinvorm.nl || illustration + design
Mislukken.....zoveel leuker dan nooit proberen! www.vivier.nl Handlettering Quotes, Handlettering, Words, Dat, Perfect Sayings, Lettering, Words Quotes
Dat kan zomaar zijn..... Foto geplaatst door kittyschreurs op Welke.nl
Mislukken.....zoveel leuker dan nooit proberen! www.vivier.nl
ADHD - Autisme - Dyslexie Dyslexia, Learning, Teaching, Adhd, Education, Onderwijs, Teaching Kids
ADHD - Autisme - Dyslexie
some people jumping in the air with their hands up
Greatness HQ - Greatness HQ
approach everything you do with enthusiasm
a poster with paint splattered on it that says vision a masterpiece or a mess your choice
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Enthusiasm is contagious. Go out each day smiling and start an epidemic!
a black and white photo with the words knowledge is power, but enthusiasm pulls the switch
another...You are only old when you outgrow your enthusiasm.
a black and white poster with the words'docentn nomen het spieken wij nomen het teamwork '
docenten noemen het spieken, wij noemen hij teamwork
a quote from the founder of powerplug that reads,'remember the differences between a boss and a leader's go - a leader says
Funny Pic Dump
Enjoy the Best of Funny here via http://funnypicdump.com #humor
a large flock of birds flying in the sky
Macrowikinomics Murmuration
Als spreeuwen in staat zijn tot zulke geoliede netwerken, Wat gebeurt er dan als wij gaan samenwerken in een vergelijkbare structuur?
the muppets are talking to each other in front of a fence and gate
Sesamstraat Nieuws - Samenwerking
Sesamstraat Nieuws - Samenwerking
a bunch of red flowers sitting on the ground
The Power of Teamwork - Funny Animation.
two signs that say don't panic, organize and do not feed the fish
Even though being part of a startup is crazy, we learn to organize the chaos with one another
birds flying in the sky over water with words written below them that read,'en een ander de leding laten nemen
Team Training film over samenwerken
a group of penguins standing on top of an iceberg
Motivacional - Trabalho em equipe - Juntos fazemos mais e melhor!
Motivacional - Trabalho em equipe - Juntos fica tudo mais fácil