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Dat is zowat de meest gestelde vraag als naaisters nog niet met een overlock gewerkt hebben (inclusief mijn vraag toen ik nog veel en veel g...

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Most treasured gifts are the wonderful moments we create with the people we love. They become priceless memories decorating our lives.

You will find that a ton has been lifted off your shoulders when you do not have that negative person around.....

Its marvelous to be able to find humor in a dismal situation. Sooo, maybe this wasn't intended to be FUNNY, but I have my reasons for cracking up at this! So I'm posting to my humor board! LOVE IT!

How to finish seams without a serger - 6 EASY ways.

Neatly finishing your seams not only makes your sewing look professional but keeps the edges from fraying. Learn 6 ways seam finishes without a serger.

Soupe froide de concombres et courgettes - Pop and soda

Soupe froide de concombres et courgettes - Pop and Soda - hot soup of cucumber and melanzane plus sour cream

Soupe froide concombre, pomme, menthe et gingembre :

½ ananas ½ honingmeloen 1 komkommer 1 peer 1 handvol spinazie 1 handvol mint 200 ml water