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two paper plates with penguins on them and one is made to look like they are holding hands
Handprint Penguin Craft for Kids to Make
Handprint Penguin Craft for Kids to Make - Great winter art project |
there are several pictures of stuffed animals made out of sweaters and ties on the table
Chemical Wiki By Peter Shapiro
DIY Sock Snowmen ... Fun and simple winter craft for children.
christmas ornaments and clay ornaments are featured in this collage with the words clay ornaments
Great winter project for kids - plaster handprint decorated as snowmen
a hand made out of paper with snowmen on it
I love this! So cute!
snowman and penguin themed paper cutouts on purple background with blue shelf in the foreground
sneeuwpoppen, ontstaan uit letters van de namen van de kinderen...
four pictures of penguins in different colors and sizes
Happy Paper Penguin Art Project | Deep Space Sparkle
penguin art
collage of penguins made out of construction paper and colored tissue paper with glue on them
Penguins Art Project & Unit - All Students Can Shine
Penguins Art Project
some pictures of snowmen and ice cream cones
2nd Grade "Snowman Scoops"
Snowman Scoops Ice Cream Cone Exploring Art: Elementary Art
a painting of a city at night with the moon in the sky and stars on it
Juf Laidya's klasideetjes
a bulletin board with snow globes on it
Tekenen: sneeuwbollen met groep 6/7
a fake snow globe with a man in it sitting on top of a paper work
Thank You Pinterest!
(Trapped in a snow globe) Art and Technology
a christmas display with lights and decorations on the wall
winter bulletin board
three owls sitting on a tree branch in the snow at night with moon and stars
a bulletin board with pictures and words written on it
an art project with snowmen and hats on it
Kinderen tekenen het gezicht (of een deel hiervan) van een sneeuwpop vanuit verschillende gezichtspunten: van bovenaf, frontaal, van onderaf, en profiel, ondersteboven enz. De tekeningen worden ingekleurd met oliepastels. Natuurlijk komen de kleuren in alle tekeningen terug, het is immers steeds dezelfde sneeuwman! Omlijn de onderdelen met zwart oliepastel. Maak een mooie compositie van de tekeningen en plak ze op gekleurd karton.