Love this approach for a built in bench with white concrete. The overhanging trees are beautiful.

The First Step to a Backyard Makeover

Veranda, bomen // lens ass architecten

Incredible Wooden Outdoor Deck Ideas For Awesome Porch And Garden — Fres Hoom

Flower garden

Imagine this lovely tunnel as the entry to front gardens as your English Stone Cottage awaits you to welcome you home.

Terras voegen met epoxy voegmiddel  Dit is te vergelijken met de voegen van cement. Maar deze voegen zijn waterdicht, in tegenstelling tot voegen van cement die steeds water kunnen opzuigen (en ’s winters kunnen barsten).

grout terrace joints with epoxy. This is similar to the joints of cement. However, these joints are waterproof, in contrast to addition of cement which can always suck up water (and may burst in winter).

cottage garden along Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers

Have you seen these shorter varieties of Clematis? They only grow to a height of three or four feet which makes them perfect for growing along a shorter fence like the picket fence .

Zitten tussen het groen

[What a great yard. Privacy, abundance of plants, large gathering space, and even a hammock.] Circular seating area with fire + hammock