plaatje uit de krant halen met silly putty!

SILLY PUTTY and you always had to try and lift the comic off the page. Loved Silly Putty & funny pages. Also pressed quarters on it to make impressions.

The ever so popular Eastlands..with tight rolled jeans of course ;)  --I thought I was so cool when I finally got a pair of these as a kid, lol!

Vintage Women's EASTLAND Leather Loafers These were the must have shoes at my high school.

Remember going to a record store??  ~D~

flipping through albums in a record store. THE record store Tower records when I was a kid, and then looking through all the CDs with my son when he was a teenager! I miss Tower Records!

Herinner je dit? Silly Putty , je kon er van alles mee doen. Het stuiterde, je kon er mee kneden, je kon het uitrekken, afbreken, je kopieerde de krant ermee. Je kocht het in de vorm van een ei.

Remember doing this as a kid? Sunday comics were best! Silly Puddy just doesn't work the same today.

Tupperware. I still have some of these. They are made to last FOREVER

vintage Tupperware Collection hot kitchen colors: Coffee, harvest gold, avocado, and burnt orange. My Grandma sold Tupperware so it was all through our kitchen when I was a kid.

My mom got me one of these once. I remember these has pretty sharp seams.

My aunt got me the pink one and my brother the blue one for Easter one year. I think i was 3 or 4 at the time. I remember these has pretty sharp seams. It lasted for years and that's saying something because my bro and I were pretty rough on toys!

Coasters. / Onderzetters.

Vintage Wood and Cork Coaster Set with Storage Box. - I remember this from my childhood.

Plastic schoenen in de jaren 80.

I wouldn't wear Jelly Shoes today, but I used to have a pair in EVERY color! I wore them all the time; they were my favorite shoe.

70's shoes

court shoes show the emphasis on platform shoes and bright accent colors of the decade.

Hand labeling machines. (dié zou ik graag terug zien)

DYMO Label Makers who was the KING of DIY. I have such fond memories whenever I see a vintage DYMO label.

Terug in de tijd ;)

library card catalogue ---almost a relic in today's electronic age I loved the Dewey decimal system and considered becoming a librarian when in the grade!

Cassette recorder, je kon je stem opnemen en als je terug luisterde dacht je ben ik dat?

Tape recorder you could tape yourself singing then listen to how horrible it sounded and laugh your ass off