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six colorful ceramic chickens sitting on hay in front of a black background and one is painted green, the other red
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Les Poules
there are many pumpkins on the grass with turkey faces painted on them, along with other decorations
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Les Poules
three ceramic birds sitting on top of each other in front of a wooden table outside
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Les Poules
two ceramic owl figurines sitting next to each other
A sugar bowl please! Doesn't have to be these just thought they were cute. Anything basic or adorable. Doesn't really matter to me =)
a white ceramic jar with a wooden spoon in it's lid and a piece of bread sticking out of the top
Jake Johnson: Functional Work, Gallery 2
Jake Johnson | Jar with Spoon. reminds me of the sugar bowl in Beauty & the Beast - Disney film ;-)
three different colored birds standing next to each other
Pottery revelations on a whim and a prayer
Barbara Kobylinska whimsical bird sculptures- use paper mache techinique over recycled bottles and foil
two ceramic rabbits sitting next to each other on a table with flowers in the background
Wedding decoration European style white white rabbit ceramic piggy bank money box a pair of lovers wedding gifts_1
some very pretty red flowers in the grass
Ceramic poppy seed pods grouped in a garden
four blue and white glass flowers in the middle of some green plants with leaves around them
Cecilia Boivie
Cecilia Boivie garden pottery - It's the perfect combination of my pottery and something on a stick :)
several birds are sitting on top of some rocks
Keramiek art maybe 8th grade new project using the clay balloon?
two pink birds are standing in the grass near flowers and plants, one has its beaks open
Kunsthandwerk & Töpferei Serfati
hilarious!! good use for all those ong necks I have left over...Kunsthandwerk & Töpferei Serfati im Harz
an orange bird statue sitting on top of green grass next to a bush and potted plant
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