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Mental illness quote - Sometimes when I say "I'm okay" I want someone to look me in the eyes hug me tight and say "I know you are not.

And then people have a go at you for not keeping in touch. A phone works 2 ways, I'm sure

çok kötüyüm lan :( bu sene bunlarla arkadaş olurum dedğim herkesle farklı sınıftayım ben napcam ya :( uf

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In Syria, sleeping between his parents. Be thankful you don't live in a violent country like that.

In Syria, Sleeping between his parents.

Staged photo: Orphaned Syrian Boy Sleeping Between His Parents’ Graves. As this image went viral people assumed it showed a child whose family had been killed during the conflict in Syria. Assume nothing and question everything.

Eckhart Tolle. This is a truth, thats all anger comes from is being hurt, nobody should be able to continually hurt people, Im not talking about Karma, Im talking about watching people hurt others, if you don't stand up for the person being hurt, your part of the problem too, stop the pain, stop letting bullies bully~RP~

I like this because the dark rain changes to rainbows when it hits her. She just hasn't noticed yet.

Eckhart Tolle Quote / Anger is always a secondary emotion. Underneath anger is a different emotional pain: fear, shame, grief, etc.

Last night I did this took my teddy bear and layed in the street hoping to die didn't happen instead some couple moved me onto a bench

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Oordeel nooit over iemand anders z'n verdriet want dat is iets wat je niet…

Oordeel nooit over iemand anders z'n verdriet want dat is iets wat je niet…