This is easier than water balloons - and the fun can go on for hours! No little balloon pieces to pick up either.

How to Make Sponge Bombs

Make "Sponge Bombs" and gather some neighbourhood kids (and adults) together along with a few buckets of water for a fun water fight. unlike water balloons you won't have pick up a ton of shriveled latex balloon pieces afterwards.

s t a w b e r r y . l e m o n a d e

Strawberry Watermelon Mint Infused Water

If you are looking for a way to stay hydrated and have a nice looking cocktail drink, this strawberry- Mint Infused water is a great idea. It is both refreshing and tasty at the same time

Homemade Sprinkler ~ Made from Recycled Materials.  Simple enough for kids to make.

This would be a great way to water the garden - Make your own sprinkler for this summer. Use duck tape to attach to hose and just stab holes into a 2 liter bottle. {makes so much more sense than those cheap sprinklers that break after a week's use!

Camper- love the floor

Cute idea for a playhouse.Cheerful "Constance" is a darling caravan that lives in the UK. She serves as a playhouse for a little girl. She's a 1956 Sprite.

Refreshing summer delicacy ~ flavored water with lemons and mint.

Lemon Mint Water: There is no added sugar to this lemon water, but the mint adds a touch of natural sweetness and lemons oxygenate the body so it feels refreshed and revitalized. (via Nancy Creative)

ballonnen en dartpijlen. Leuk voor de grotere kinderen

32 Of The Best DIY Backyard Games You Will Ever Play -- Balloon darts! Fill each balloon with a number or prize on a piece of paper.

Handig voor in de zomer

Cupcake liner to keep bugs out of your drink in the summer. What a great idea! You can get really creative and match the color to your outdoor party decor!

Homemade Summer Treat For Kids to Make: Healthy Fruit Popsicles

DIY Healthy Fruit Popsicles from Pink and Green Mama: Homemade Summer Treat For Kids to Make: Healthy Fruit Popsicles

Picnic Basket - Pasta Salad in a jar, Chocolate Chip & Dark Chocolate Muffins, Cubed Cantaloupe in a jar.

Picnic food ideas (photo only). Love the idea of using mason jars. LORD knows we have plenty of mason jars!