Listen & Silent are spelled with the same letters, Think About It. You have to stop talking and be Silent, to truly Listen to what others are saying to you.

This is as encouraging as it is scary. Trying to hide the truth to protect another . Selfish or selfless.

Gemini #gemini

Gemini -- Gemini season is it? Now three very important Geminis in my life …one is dead. The other a love who changed me and gave me wings, and a new one made of spice.

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Kies eens voor jezelf #K

For the English speaking folks this wonderful and very true quote: "Sometimes you just need to stand up and leave, so the person on the other side of the seesaw falls on the ground and notices how you have been carrying him/her." - by RUMAG


It describes me entirely: Gemini has a soft heart and is quick to forgive. BUT is NOT stupid. So think twice before hurting a Gemini, first time may let it go, but there won't be a second time, al right?

soms moet je je geen zorgen maken, niets afvragen en niet twijfelen, maar gewoon vertrouwen dat dingen goed zullen komen

Sometimes you have to worry about,nothing to ask and do not doubt,but just trust that things will come good.

Het gaat beter met me sinds het oké is als het soms even wat minder gaat.

Quote – Het gaat beter met me

Als je in jezelf gelooft, toegewijd bent aan en trots op wat je doet - en je…

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