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an old sheet with music notes on it
Lantern Songs Sheet Music ⋆ Art of Homeschooling
the sun with loving light makes bright for me each day, gives strength unto to my limbs
School Begins and Michaelmas Arrives –– Thank Goodness
an orange and white sign that says morning verse with the words good morning dear sun
Favorite Waldorf Morning Circle Verses for Kindergarten - The Magic Onions
a sheet with the words come on give me one
sheet music with the words, once again
1 april | 9-10 jaar | eenstemmig | Nederlands
sheet music with the words datadasa written on it
Forge me with fire. Class 4 Viking verse Waldorf. Norse Mythology, Mythology, History, Norse Myth, Myths, Norse, Yggdrasil, Sacred
Forge me with fire. Class 4 Viking verse Waldorf.
a little seed for me is written on a chalkboard
"Lovely garden verse that we say during gardening time at the Davis Waldorf School Summergarden camp."
the poem leaves at play is written in black and white
Leaves at Play