I can see starting the tree in spring, children could add any tp rolls that they bring from home and as seasons change add different things or use it for counting days to 100 adding a new tube every day

14 Wall art with toilet paper rolls - Creativity has no limits. Toilet paper rolls - for somebody just a piece of trash,for others inspiration for useful items in the household.

Fall Felt Leaves.

Little fall leaves sewn from wool or felt. These are actually coasters, but gives me an idea to make them in miniature and turn my tiny kitchen "Christmas" tree into a autumn tree with lights and tiny wool leaves for fall.


As always, I love Aimee's use of embroidery to charm up an already charming project! Also, I love the idea of using beans as weights. very clever! little dear tracks: Mushroom Pincushion tutorial

10 Great Fall Crafts for Kids - So You Think You're Crafty

10 Great Fall Crafts for Kids

10 Kid-Friendly Fall Crafts complete with Tutorials for all the projects! Make fall even more festive with these great crafts!