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a woman holding up four playing cards in her hands
Day 8: Playing Card Holder
Day 8: Playing Card Holder
four playing cards are sitting on top of each other in front of a card holder
Speelkaartenhouder: gratis tutorial!
Free tutorial, free sewing pattern
birthday candles and balloons with the number twenty five on them are shown in three different pictures
Denkvierkanten digibord
Denkvierkanten Digibord
two plastic trays filled with different colored balls sitting on top of a tree stump
Pop it fidget toys, een nieuwe rage met 5 speltips!
Pop it fidget toys, een nieuwe rage met 5 speltips! - Mamascrapelle
an assortment of colorful plastic toys with numbers and letters in them on a white background
15 Pop-It Learning Activities
pre-made pop its
two green and blue speech bubbles
BABADADA: Beeldwoordenboek in verschillende talen
a woman and two children are sitting at a table with sticky notes on the board
Rad van fortuin spelletjes
three children running in the grass with confetti around them and text reading bewergend lern group 1 - 2 gomenrun
Bewegend de vormen leren!
two people running down a steep hill with words that say, wordsworthen run
Bewegend leren: oefen grammatica met de woordsoortenrun!
Bewegend leren: woordsoortenrun — -Juf Anja
a group of young children sitting around a table playing with dominos on paper squares
Bewegend leren
several different colored legos are on the table next to some plants and pencils
Leerzame spelletjes met de pop it fidget (met downloads)
a child's hands playing with an abacus on a table
Pop-it lezen kern 10 - Juf Joni
two children are playing with a wheel of fortune on the table next to each other
Rad van fortuin: Invulbare cirkels
an image of people shopping in a grocery store