Stoofpotje van kip met een hoedje

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Provencaalse Runderstoofschotel, Heerlijk In De Herfst! recept |

Parker's Beef Stew~Ina Garten~I LOVE this stew hearty and full of flavor, I don't add mushroom through because I don't like them otherwise wonderful dish!

Shakshuka recept |

Ingredients Vegetable oil, as needed cup Magic City Salsa 4 large eggs Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper cup shredded Cheddar cheese (abo

Kipstoofpot Met Citroen En Oregano recept |

Kipstoofpot Met Citroen En Oregano recept |

24 Stoofschotel recepten met vis

You can only get an authentic bouillabaisse from Marseilles, but here's a recipe for the rest of us using local fish!

Duitse Aromatische Winter Stoofpot recept |

Duitse Aromatische Winter Stoofpot recept |

35 Vegetarische stoofpotten

A very hearty and filling stew featuring pumpkin, lentils and chickpeas in Moroccan spices. It keeps well for weeknight dinners.

185 Curry recepten

This is super easy to make and you'll be amazed how good it is. It uses a little peanut butter in the sauce for a Thai feel.

28 Stoofschotel recepten met wild

Venison is mixed with vegetables, tomato, cognac and herbs for a very different kind of stew. Serve over mashed potatoes or polenta.